Why you should hire a contract designer vs a full time employee

There are major advantages to using contractors rather than employees, with financial savings topping the list.


You will more than likely save money.

Even though contractors are generally paid more per hour than an employee to do the same work, it typically costs employers more to hire employees. When an employee is hired you will have to pay a number of expenses that you don't have to pay contractors, including benefits, office space, and equipment. You will also have to make payments and contributions on behalf of your employees, such as social security, medicare tax, unemployment insurance and workers comp. insurance. Contractors are typically more efficient, because most Contractors have specialized skills suited for your job, eliminating the cost and time of training.


Ability to adjust Staff

Employers have more flexibility when hiring and letting go contractors. This can be very advantages when workloads fluctuate. You have the ability to take on new opportunities as they arise, and more cost control during slow periods. You can hire contractors for specific projects or for a specific length of time and avoid any potential expense or legal issues that you might experience with firings and layoffs.


Limit your exposure to lawsuits

Employees have many rights under state and federal laws and a variety of legal claims they can bring against their employers for violating those rights. Because contractors are independent, they are not protected by many of the same laws. Among the rights that are available to employees but not to contractors are:

  • the right to receive at least the minimum wage and, overtime compensation.
  • protection from employment discrimination on the basis of national origin, color, religion and gender
  • the right to form a union
  • the right to take time off to care for a sick family member


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